Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stolen German Shepherd

Got this from a canine police officer friend of mine. I have been trying to spread the word. Police officers and their working dogs have a tremendous bond with each other. We all owe a debt of gratitude to these dogs and their handlers who help to protect us and keep us safe.

Obviously, contact Al Govednik or local authorities if you have any information or suspect  that you have seen this dog.

PLEASE HELP! The President of the American Working Dog Federation, Al Govednik, had his working German Shepherd Dog stolen out of his fenced yard yesterday morning (9/27/11).
(Yes he WAS stolen, Al saw the WHITE VAN drive away). Hex is a beloved GSD who won the USA National FH (advanced tracking) Title a couple years ago. HEX IS PICTURED HERE and on the GSD Pedigree Database page.

Hex is an 85 lb. Sable male intact German Shepherd Dog. He was stolen from an address on Illinois Highway 17, in Alpha Illinois.
Please Share, especially with law enforcement friends and everyone in Illinois and neighboring states.

PLEASE SHARE. Al's phone number: (309)351-9093, email:
...See More

Although there is no picture visible click on the empty picture box and a link will appear so you can see this beautiful animal. (I am a bit biased because we have two sable German Shepherds ourselves). I hope they find Hex.

Hex Aites Bohemia             


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