Thursday, December 20, 2012

China responds to complaints about dog treats - Not our fault.

The problem still cautious. Use only products like this made in the USA!

China responds to complaints about dog treats

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
A number of dog owners around the nation have complained about their pets getting sick or even dying after eating chicken treats that were made in China. Now, the Chinese government has responded to these complaints in a letter addressed to a California congressman. 

Rachael Chambers of Morgan Hill lost her dog "Cali" last May. Her other dogs also became sick after eating chicken treats made in China. "It's been sad and hard on our family, but I think what's been harder is to understand why almost seven months later there's more dead dogs and nothing has changed," Chambers told ABC7 News. Since then, she has been relentlessly campaigning to have the treats recalled.

The Food and Drug Administration acknowledges it has received thousands of complaints. Most recently, Bay Area Congressman Jerry McNerney wrote to the Chinese government asking to "consider halting production of these chicken jerky treats until the FDA can determine whether or not the products contain tainted material."

The Chinese government finally wrote back slamming the FDA for putting an advisory alert on its website even though the exact cause of these deaths has not been determined. The Chinese government wrote, "From the perspective of the Chinese side, there might be something wrong with the FDA's investigation guidance."

Dr. Jaspal Harika at the Morgan Hill Animal Hospital performed the necropsy on Cali. "I don't believe that. They really know what they do. They're one of the top scientists and research workers," he said.

The letter from the People's Republic of China also warned not to influence public opinion and "to clear the name of Chinese pet food and eliminate the negative impact thereof on Chinese pet food trade and bilateral relationship."

Chambers shared a picture showing last year's Christmas stockings filled with the chicken treats that she says made her dogs sick. She fears that this year, other dog owners will give them to their pets as presents. In the letter, the Chinese government says it will not halt production and urges the FDA to find out the truth as soon as possible.


  1. even tough the exact cause of these deaths has not been determined yet, China can not ignore the fact It's not the first time we discover that China's products treat on prople/animals/children's life.
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