Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rebuilding the Rodriguez Home (Fund Raising Effort)

From my kind-hearted daughter....
Hey Dad, One of my kids lost their home and all of their belongings last Thursday night. Considering the area I work in, it's obviously going to be incredibly hard for his family to recover, and I've set up a fundraising page to try and help out. I'm trying to reach as many people as possible so would you be willing to share the link on your page? I've pasted it below.
(My daughter is in the program "Teach for America" and teaches underprivileged fourth graders at a school in Chicago)

One of my amazing scholars in my 4th grade classroom, Angel, and his family tragically lost their home to a fire on Jan. 9th, 2014. Angel's family has been an incredible support to our school. His mother is incredibly involved in her children's education and constantly looks out for ways to aid the teachers as well as her children.

My hope is that this funding page will be a way to return all of the support she has provided for our school and classroom and help the family during this difficult time.


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