Saturday, February 8, 2014

American Red Cross releases Pet First Aid app featuring AAHA-accredited hospitals

We have been accredited since 1953 and are very proud of our status.

A new mobile phone app from the American Red Cross not only helps pet owners find emergency veterinary care, it directs them exclusively toward AAHA-accredited hospitals to ensure their pets end up in expert hands.

According to Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP, CEO of AAHA, the American Red Cross's decision for the app to feature AAHA hospitals benefits both pets and their owners.

"We know from our research that 90 percent of pet owners will seek an accredited hospital once they understand that not all animal hospitals are accredited," said Michael Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP, CEO of AAHA. "The AAHA-Accredited Hospital Locator makes it very easy for pet owners who value the bond they have with their pets to find expert veterinary care at accredited hospitals. The practice teams at AAHA-accredited practices are ready and willing to provide the best in veterinary care to pets and strive for the best customer care for the pet owners."

Pet First Aid app features
The Pet First Aid app provides pet owners with life-saving advice and resources before, during, and after veterinary emergencies. In an emergency situation, the app advises pet owners to take their pet to a veterinarian for emergency care. It also enables owners to search by hospital name and the user's current location to quickly locate veterinary assistance.

Other valuable app features for pet owners and emergency workers include:
  • Programmable veterinary contact number easily accessed throughout the app
  • Early warning sign checker for preventive care
  • First aid steps for more than 25 common pet situations
  • Instructions for emergency procedures including size-specific CPR
  • Resources to help owners identify common toxins
  • Educational quizzes about a variety of emergency pet health topics such as CPR, bleeding, and bite wounds
  • Profile-building feature where pet owners can include pet's medications, notes about medical history, and veterinarian contact information 
Jen Leary, founder of Red Paw Emergency Relief Team based in Philadelphia, Penn., said the app has already come in handy several times during their efforts.

"We have used the app several times since it has come out," Leary said. "We use it primarily on-scene when we are in the counties and need to find an emergency vet hospital close by or if an animal is at a foster and we need to find a vet in the area."

The app is available for both iPhone and Android for 99 cents.


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