Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nobel Committee Bypassed Holocaust Savior for Al Gore

I am in a bit of a foul mood today after viewing the video that I posted on the preceding blog. I am sure you could tell by my philosophizing in that blog the true anguish I felt after watching the horrific scenes of the abuse of God's innocent creatures.

So as I am in this mood of despair, I am going to make you aware of a story most of you do not know.

In May of 2008, a Polish woman named Irena Sendler, who was 98 years old died in Warsaw, Poland. Now what is the big deal about that you ask? This lady was absolutely amazing and was a true hero. During World War II, the Catholic Sendler, risked her life to save Jewish infants and children during the Holocaust. How many did she save you ask? Try 2,500! She was captured by the Nazis for her efforts, tortured and sentenced to death by a firing squad. She managed to escape but she suffered with disabilities due to her experience at the hands of the Nazis for the rest of her life. I will not divulge the entire story, rather read the report from from the link below and then for verification and more information I have a link to Snopes about her. Yes she was real and her story is true.

The tragedy is she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. She lost. Who could have beat her? Whose story was more compelling than hers? Try Al Gore! Yep...sad but true. It doesn't matter how you feel about Global Warming...the spin machine was out in full force and there were media outlets boycotting her story (a list at the bottom of the Newsbusters article) to grease the skids for Gore.....that is why you never heard of it. Thank God for the power of the internet....because as well read as I am about history I never heard of her until someone sent me an email about her (which I verified on Snopes). This woman should have received accolades beyond measure for the selfless sacrifices she made for these poor unfortunate Jewish children, many of whom survived because of her efforts and made a difference with their lives.

It is so unfortunate that people like this are not recognized for their true heroism. Doing such amazing feats of courage for no personal gain, but doing so because they felt it was right. Risking their very lives in taking the chances they did. I read the stories about the politicians who inflate their "war records" claiming to take part in action or winning commendations which later turn out to be false. I know there was a judge in Illinois a few years back who made a career about touting his exploits serving in Viet Nam and taking part in a horrific battle. It turned out he was never there and resigned in disgrace. There are a number of such stories that do not need telling now.

So my goal in this posting is to let you read about a true hero. Someone who did not have the media hyping her credentials so she could win a prize. She exemplified what the Nobel Peace Prize really was supposed to stand for. When I was a kid I felt that this award was so prestigious....but as I look on the series of winners as of late, it is so diminished in my eyes and really does not have the significance I believed it had. So read the stories below and I believe you will be amazed by her story and flabbergasted that you never heard of her before. But in the great scheme of things she has a special place in Heaven and has my sincere admiration as well of those who know of what she had done, as you soon will.

Nobel Committee Bypassed Holocaust Savior for Al Gore | Irena Sendler


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