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Top Ten Foreign Body Items Removed from Dogs

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Most Common Surgically Removed Items from Dogs

Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider Insuring Your Dog

It's no secret that cats are curious, and dogs like to chew on things. Unfortunately, those traits can motivate pets to chew on, bite or swallow items they shouldn't. Some of these objects will pass naturally, but others have a tendency to become lodged in pets' gastrointestinal tracts, resulting in pain, vomiting or internal injury. In those cases, surgery may be a necessity.

The best thing pet owners can do to prevent costly foreign body removal surgery is keep a clean living space. This includes making sure that personal items are not left on the floor or within easy reach of pets and remaining aware of each pet's chewing tendencies. Certain objects may appeal more to some pets than others. Knowledge of a pet's tastes and tendencies can help pet owners exercise caution when letting a pet near objects that could be accidentally swallowed. Also remember that table scraps can contain excessive grease, bones or other objects not easily digested by pets.

Number 10: Sticks

Who ever thought that playing fetch with your dog might actually cause harm? I know I didn't! Playing fetch isn't going to harm your dog but what you use to play fetch with just might. If you play fetch with a stick, the stick may splinter when be retrieved by your dog. These splinters can come off and scrape your dog's esophagus, stomach, and intestines.

It is especially important to watch you dog when you are done playing fetch. This is the time he/she will most likely chew the stick up. A stick lodged into you dog's stomach is not something that can be easily passed through natural means. Surgery may be required.

Number 9: Hair Ties or Ribbons

Dogs like anything that is chewy. Chewing on things is a natural way for dogs to clean their teeth. So that means they will chew on anything. If you have young daughters in your house, please remind them to pick up after themselves especially their hair ties.

A dog will see something on the floor and possibly start chewing on it. Hair ties are an excellent choice. They are chewy, elastic, and fun to chew on.

Hair ties are not an object you have to worry to much about because of its size but their is a possibility it could cause some intestinal problems in your pooch.

Check Out What This Guy Ate! 

Number 8: Bones

What dog doesn't like to chew on a bone? Almost all do! Bones aren't bad for you dog unless they do not chew them up into small enough pieces.

A sharp piece of bone can scrape your dogs throat, and intestinal tract. Larger pieces of bone could get lodged in the esophagus or intestines. This causes an unnecessary obstruction which will lead to severe problems like choking or and obstructed bowel. Anything that is lodge is going to require surgery to remove.

Number 7: Corn Cobs

Never in a million years would I have thought about a dog swallowing a corn cob, but hey anything can happen. This isn't a concern for all dog owners, just the ones that live on a farm or in a rural area.

Just like sticks and bones, the major concern is choking and the object lodging in the intestine.

Did You Know!
The average cost of Intestinal Surgery for dogs is 3,000 dollars!

Number 6: Chew Toys

Just a word of caution, make sure that your dog's chew toys do not have any little attachments or adornments on them. Most of the time is something is swallowed that is chew toy related it is usually the little bells or ball parts of the toy.

In some cases, a whole chew toy has been swallowed.

If you want to protect you pup makes sure the chew toys are large enough they will not be able to be swallowed and that they do not have any tiny decorations that could be a hazard.

Number 5: Balls

If it is round, you better watch out! Pets, especially dogs, have a tendency to like to chew on and swallow anything round. So make sure those tennis balls, golf balls, or your child's red bouncy balls are always out of reach.

The biggest danger related to swallowing a ball is suffocation. Depending on the size of the ball it could get wedged, or stuck in your dog's esophagus blocking their airway. If your pet does manage to swallow a ball it might not want to come out. Luckily, these things are easy to spot on an x-ray.

What Dog Doesn't Like Belts and Bread Knives? 

Number 4: Rocks

I haven't seen many dogs that haven't ever chewed on rocks. What a great work out for those jaw muscles! On many occasions, dogs while accidentally swallow a rock, sometimes even more.

Your biggest concern is choking and obstruction the airway depending on the size of the rock. If the rock is too big it might require surgery to remove.

Number 3: Panty Hose

Just because something is fun to chew on, doesn't mean it is good for your dog. Panty hose have a unique texture that will appeal to your canine. Dog's just can't seem to pass these up.

The main concern with panty hose is they can be a serious choking hazard and cause intestinal damage because of the material they are made of, there length, and elastic ability.

Ladies make sure not leave your panty hose laying around where your dog canget a hold of them!

Number 2: Underwear

What does every household with dogs need? A reliable clothes hamper. Yes, a clothes hamper. Dogs are curious creatures and have an insatiable urge to chew especially when they are young.

Leaving clothes on the floor, especially underwear, can be a hazard for your dog. Why do they choose underwear? I would guess because of the texture and smell.

To save your dog a trip to the vet for a thousand dollar emergency intestinal surgery please but all you dirty clothes in a hamper, where Fido can't get to them!

Did Something Come Up Missing After A Bath? 

Number 1: Socks

Socks and dogs go hand in hand like milk and cookies. What is the easiest thing to make into a ball and play a game of fetch with inside the house? A SOCK!

Again it is texture and taste that will draw your dog to a pair of socks before anything else. The stinkier the better! The only problem your dog doesn't realize is they go down easier than they come up. Your dog's digestive system isn't meant to digest stinky cotton socks - so the only way to remove them is through surgery (did you budget that this year).


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