Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wellness Plans Offered at Niles Animal Hospital

Wellness Plans Offered at Niles Animal Hospital
We now offer a variety of wellness plans at the hospital for all stages of life, including puppy and kitten plans (which include exams, vaccinations, fecals, lab work, as well as spay/neuters), general health care plans for adults, dental plans, and senior plans (all including exams, lab testing, vaccinations, and other procedures). In addition we are excited to inform you that we also have wellness plans for pet birds for both small and large birds. Check at the hospital or our website ( for further details.

Wellness Plan Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Wellness Plan?
Wellness plans are a set of services, bundled at a discounted rate. We offer plans for dogs, cats, and birds of all ages. We also offer a dental plan for our canine and feline patients. Each wellness plan was designed by our doctors to benefit your pet's health at an affordable cost.

How Can I Pay for a Wellness Plan?
Wellness plans can be paid for monthly or in full at the time of enrollment. If you elect monthly payments, they are spread over the course of twelve months. This is beneficial for those who prefer to make payments rather than having a large invoice during a patient visit. Depending upon the wellness plan that is best for you and your pet, the plans may cover vaccinations, examinations, heartworm testing, fecal analysis, and other diagnostic testing. For pet birds the plans can cover examinations, bloodwork, fecal examinations, other diagnostic testing, and some grooming procedures.

Is a Wellness Plan Insurance?
The plans we provide for your pet are not insurance. They will not cover medications which are sent home. The various plans cover different levels of diagnostic testing. You are able to purchase VPI pet insurance separate for additional savings. For more information about pet insurance you can visit the VPI website. We have brochures available for our wellness plans and pet insurance at the hospital and information on our website.


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