Friday, December 23, 2011

An Adorable Panda Slide Show

Last night I had a burst of creative energy and decided to put together a slide show using some panda photos I had received through emails from various friends. Pandas are such interesting and endearing creatures so it was really enjoyable creating the show.

Selecting the music was a bit more challenging as I wanted the proper music to set the right tone. Obviously, selecting Chinese music was key and I listened to a number of pieces of music on youtube. So many were beautiful, but too meditative and slow. I suddenly had a blaze of inspiration and was thinking about movie soundtracks. Yes Kung Fu fighting (by Ceelo Green) from Kung Fu Panda was viewed, but was not the right mood I was trying to set. I then remembered the movie "The Last Emperor." I checked out selections from the film and found the perfect piece to set the mood/tone....The Main Theme from the movie.

There is no holiday theme associated with this show. It was just what turned out to be a delightful show that I wanted to share. It is truly (pardon the pun) awwwwwwwwwwwwi-inspiring. The photos are all real, however, there is one doctored photo (by a very creative person...not me) which I am sure the sharp-eyed among you will immediately identify. It is a great one.

Hope you all enjoy this.