Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Moving Aviation Tribute to Our Veterans

I have been posting stories about animal war heroes (prompted by the release of "Warhorse") as I wanted to let people know about the real life heroes and not the fictional ones, as the real stories are even more compelling. As you can gather I am a history buff and especially interested in military history so that is why I have such a vast store of knowledge about it. I have a special fascination with the Warbirds (military aircraft) and their stories.

I was going to post a story about a hero bird who had "saved" the "Lost Battalion" during World War I, however, a friend of mine sent me a stirring video which moved me and had a wonderful message. So on this New Year's Eve as we are looking forward to the upcoming year, we should also look back and be thankful for those who have made the sacrifices so that we do have our tomorrows, those who have served in our military. As is said, "All gave some, some gave all" and we must never forget. As our "greatest generation" ages and passes on we should be appreciative of what they have done, but must not ignore the sacrifices of our current generation of military who have proved their "greatness" in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also we must honor our Vietnam veterans and those who fought in the "Forgotten War" of Korea.

On this New Year's Eve I am thankful for our military past and present for what they have done and do to keep our country safe. I hope you will feel the same emotions I felt when I watched this video.


  1. We have to pay tribute to both our heroes and animal heroes. We have to be thankful that our brave men and animals are joining forces to save us.

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