Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Aerosmith Concert Review and photos

Although I am known mainly as a veterinarian, I enjoy music, photography and writing. I have recently stumbled on a bit of a side gig which has combined the latter three and has been really enjoyable. One of our clients has a son who established an online magazine "Rock Chicago" ( He knew I enjoyed progressive rock music and in particular Greg Lake, former lead singer for King Crimson and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. He came into the hospital one day and asked if I would like to go to a concert and write a review for him. I told him I had never written one, but he said that with my writing skills I would do just fine. He said he had tickets for Greg Lake which he would give to me if I would write a review. I told him I already had tickets (having bought them the first day they went on sale) but would be happy to write a review. Thus began my new "side gig."

The latest concert I went to was Aerosmith where I had a photo pass  where I took some pretty good photos for an amateur. Despite not being the biggest Aerosmith fan it was an absolutely great concert. My ears were ringing for two days after the concert. The links to the various concerts I have reviewed are below. Check out the magazine!

Thus far for Rock Chicago I have reviewed concerts given by:

Greg Lake
Steve Winwood
Jon Anderson (of Yes)
Michael Firestone (a Michael Jackson impersonator)

If you have interest please read the reviews. I really enjoy writing them.

Peter S. Sakas

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