Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pelleted Bird Food Recall

Seems like there has been a number of pet food recalls lately. With birds, there was the recall of the Kaytee bird hand feeding formula, which due to human error, contained too much Vitamin D3, resulting in mineralization of the kidneys and death.

I just received another notification from a friend of mine with another manufacturer of pelleted diets for bird, Mazuri, which also has a problem withe excessive Vitamin D3, leading to similar problems and hence they recalled their food.

The source is the AFA (American Federation of Aviculture).

A Zoo has recently experienced significant losses in small psittacines fed a commercially prepared avian pelleted food marketed to zoos.  Clinically affected birds exhibited depression, weakness, posterior paresis, CNS signs, loss of body condition, or acute death.  Histopathologic lesions found on necropsy included myofiber degeneration and multiple sites of mineralization of soft tissues.  Exhaustive testing of environmental samples and feed revealed extremely high levels of Vitamin D3 - twenty-two times higher than the labeling for the product.  The Manufacturer has been notified of the problem and is investigating. 
I received a call today that ALL PRODUCTS from the Mazuri feed company  (not just the small bird pellet) will be recalled with a manufacturer date between April 11-23. 

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